Sisters of Lady Pamphlet

May 21, 2009

Sisters of Lady Pamphlet

Chutney 3. The Voice of Chutney

Camberwell Green 28th June 2008



Sisters of Lady is the working title for a series of new collaborative works and events by the artist Lady Lucy. Sisters of Lady Is a creative order of a collaborative kind. Artist Lady Lucy is forming a loose collective of women interested in becoming part of this sisterhood. 

The sisterhoods mission is an investigation into the links between radical female religious figures  and communities and feminist activist  figures and communities. Lady Lucy is seeking contributions for a Pamphlet for the event

Chutney 3 taking place on Camberwell Green on 28th June.

Lady Lucy invites sisters to contribute a page for a Sisters of Lady Pamphlet. Your contribution could be an act of prayer or protest or neither. A piece of writing, a song, a photograph, a drawing. 

Examples and suggestions for pages so far have included:

Mary Woolstonesrcaft involvement with the Unitarian Church

The Monks covers garage band The Nuns

Hildegaard Von Bingen

Sister Corita Kent

A page from a contemporary Book of Hours.


Using your contributions Lucy will  publish and illustrate  a  limited edition artist work in the form of a 12 page printed pamphlet to be distributed at

 The upcoming  event Chutney 3   taking place on Camberwell Green 

Sunday 28th April 2009 


Deadline for contributions is  the 10th of June 2009. 


Sisters of Lady Pamphlet is funded by  The Chutney Preserves.



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